Stars Fashion


Stars Fasion Lucy
Location: Stars Fshion
Outfit includes: Cardigan & Skirt in 5 sizes, Boots with Menu (left click!) + 4 Alpha layer & Tanga layer

Here I am again, already! This is another cute piece and I love really the style! It seems ageain like a cute japanese school Uniform and I am a Otaku (japanese:passionata Supporter) of Anime and Manga. I think this one is a really lovely Combination, wich I recommend! The Adjustment here is the same like my previous Post, so a really accurate one.

Boys&Girls 20 by Dura

Alphabet Changer Pendent by Yabusaka
Mesh Hand Gesture by Slink

Against the Stream by Hebenon Vial

Celt Neck Tattoo ~ Spear by On A Lark


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