Pink Cherry · Supernatural

Elegant Swimsuit „Shirin“

Elegant Swimsuit "Shirin"Location: Pink Cherry at the Designer Circle | Supernatural at the Cosmopolitan Event
Outfit includes: 5 Standard sizes & 1 fitted Mesh size+ Alpha layer, Versions for these Mesh Bodies:  Slink Physique + Hourglass & Maitreya

Hello and welcome to all the fashionistas and fashion fans out there! I want to show you today something by the brand Pink Cherry, this is her new swimsuit, which she has exposed at the Designer Circle. So my first impressionwas positive. The different colors in the HUD, the design & the shape where really appealing looking at it at the front. Taking a closer look from the side at the part abow the breast, the mesh is slightly distanced from the actual body, so you have to adapt your jewelery a little. It wasn’t really hard, I had to move the necklesses just a tiny little bit and everything fitted again really well. I also want to thank Zyndra Crystal the the gorgeus Blog Crystal’s Fashion for her time and her wonderful effort in this super cute picture we took together! It was a hard thing let both avatars smile at the same time, because the smiler we use is random and has a gringe in it too! But we did it, together, thank you my sweetheart! HERE is the direct Link to her lovelly blogpost! ❤

**Dura-Boys&Girls**55 by Dura

Mesh Body Lara 4.1 by Maitreya

Mesh lashes by Gaeline Creations
Unisex Steking Ears (Season 5) by Mandala

Rio Female Flip Flops by KC Coture


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