MOoH! · Sn@tch

Snowflakes for Christmas

Snowflakes for ChristmasLocation: MOoH! Design at The Frozen Fair | Sn@tch (Hair)
Zoey Sweater Dusk & Dawn includes:
 Versions for these Mesh Bodies Belleza Freya + Isis + Venus, Slink Physique + Hourglass & Maitreya

Hello my beautiful & sparkling snowflakes! Finally I’ve found a nice location for this absolutelly adorable outfit and I have really nice accessories wich make the whole outfit comfy & complete. The textures are pretty detailed and the details themself are well placed. I have to say, I didn’t have problems with the fitting of the clothings, there where no hollow spaces between body and clothing. The colors in the HUD are clear and without any bugs. The hairrstyles I choosed fit both really nice and have both a pretty big color selection. I hope you enjoyed my post as always and I wish you a nices evening, ciao!

Mesh Body Lara 4.1 by Maitreya

Sable Hair & Zuzu Hair by Sn@tch

Mesh lashes by Gaeline Creations
Unisex Steking Ears (Season 5) by Mandala
Bento Daisy and Fly Rings & Boho N4 Necklace by Meva
(-50% sale Inworld!)

Kelda  by N-Core


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