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Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Hello my dears and welcome to my today’s post! I was really surprised when I noticed a few days ago that (red)Mint had accepted me as a blogger and that for I would like to thank her sincerely. I already own one of her collars for a couple of years and always liked to wear it. For years, (red)Mint makes detailed jewelry and hairstyles.
Now to the first piece I have the chane to blog, it contains: a multiple parts HUD, a non-rig version, a default size, TMP size & sizes + and ++. Those versions are as normal jewelry and as RLV version included. In the pack you get are a notecard wit infos to the collar and inside the NC you can find some very interesting informations, for example the chat commands for the stiffed head & neck system. The color HUD has some really bright and strong colors, which don’t fit to everything, but you can play with the individual parts so it fits anyway to your outfit.
Just as great as the Collar I find the products of snatch, which I was allowed to choose. The hair: There are so many colors you can play with, it was really hard for me to pick a favorite color from the pack. The hair texture is very nice and the hair just shines like real hair, healthy, silky and without flaws. The color palets you can choose from are fades, goths, naturals, ombres and pastels.
The top: The pack contains 5 standard sizes and versions for the Mesh Bodies Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus, Slink Pysique + Hourglass, Maitreya,TMP & Tonic Curvy + Fine. Its a very cute and playful embroidered top with a 28 colors HUD. The colors really from deep, dark colors to light & pastels. The mesh itself fits really good to the mesh body and there is no need to hide anything (like the nipples, lol).

Georgie Hair: Sn@tch
Lala Crochet Tank Top:
Absolute Devotion Collar II:  (red)MintMarketplace


Mesh Body Lara 4.1 by Maitreya

Mesh lashes by Gaeline Creations | Marketplace
Terimn Piercing by [ni.ju] | Marketplace
Diamond Septum by PUNCH Piercing Store | Marketplace

Gaya Pumps by Le’La Design | Marketplace

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