Xela Black Mesh

M&M: Xela Black MeshLocation: M&M Mainstore
Outfit includes: Shirt & Pants in 6 sizes, Ankle Boots, 3 Alpha layer, Spiked Earrings, Bracelet  & Giraffe (not on this Pic!) with Resizer

Hello there!
I’m so glad to be here again! I had much stress, I’ve had a really exciting time too and now, after a long time I am blogging again. This is my new Blog, with a brand new concept and ne ideas! I hope you all enjoy my little fashion animations and please let me know, what u like or not!

Today I’ve here one of the latest Creations made by M&M, a wild looking Outfit for every rebellious Soul. The Textures are elaborated really good and the cut is defined nearly perfectly on the Body. The only deficit is the Ankle Boots Alpha, I had a little space between pant leg and and Boot, and the Alpha was a little too high or maybe my legs are too long? Ahehehe, anyway, I think this Outfit is really the Money worth, because it looks really great all in one!

Hair Lin by DrLife

Mesh Lashes Mysteria by Gaeline Creations

Against the Stream by Hebenon Vial

Celt Neck Tattoo ~ Spear by On A Lark